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Vincent Iannaco - Copy
Vincent Iannaco is a Business Entrepreneur
He loves creating new businesses and helping others. He is always available to answer questions.
Vincent T Iannaco consults in many areas of business. He is an internet marketer and an Amazon Consultant.

For the last few years he has branded products, imported from China, and successfully sold on Amazon. Many of the products made the top pages of Amazon.

But Vincent also has a very different and diversified past.

At 21 he joined the NYPD and after graduating was selected to be a member of the elite "Tactical Patrol Force". This unit was the Police Department's mobile emergency unit and officers worked only in high crime areas. They were also the first to successfully do decoy work in the City.

On several occasions Vincent was selected to be both a female decoy and a Orthodox Jewish Rabbi in Brooklyn. This was both exciting and dangerous, but there were always back up officers working with the decoys.

In order to look the part when doing the female decoy, Vincent borrowed his friend's wife's maternity slacks and her wig, and a professional makeup artist did the rest.

On his first day as doing a female decoy he was walking down Church Ave in Brooklyn and as he was passing some men on a corner street he saw them looking at him and talking. He thought he really passed the test for being a female decoy, but he later found out that they thought he was a female impersonator.

A couple of years later he was assigned to the Gang Task Force in the South Bronx. The youth gangs during the seventies were violent and there were many shootings. The Gang Unit was assigned in civilian clothes and their job was to try to communicate with the gangs and also gather intelligence.

Later he went on to be assigned to his most rewarding job while in the Police Department. Vincent Iannaco was selected to be an Instructor in the Police Academy.

It was there that several of his companies won Company of the Month for academic achievement, and he was privileged to train some of the most talented and successful future members of the Department.

Vincent Iannaco graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with honors and he also has several Graduate school credits.
Upon retiring, Vincent decided to go to work in a totally different career, Financial Services. He was always interested in Investments and Financial Planning.

Vincent Iannaco worked in Financial Services for 22 years (and he's still only 49, kidding).
During this time he went on to win several awards as a financial adviser. He became a manager VP at AXA Advisors, worked at UBS to get more investment knowledge, and was recruited by an Independent firm to run a Branch Office near Wall Street, on Liberty Plaza.
In the financial business there is a lot of recruiting that goes on.

Vincent Iannaco did seminars with NYPD Supervisors and Executives and was recruited again to work with another Independent firm that also worked with Police.

His seminars created a lot of interest in Financial Planning for Police in retirement.
Vincent holds series 6, 63, 66, 7 and 24 licenses.

He recently retired from Financial Services and will be devoting more time to his Consulting businesses.
Business is his passion (His family roots are in business). He also likes to write and has published a book, and plans to write more.
Vincent most recent projects include- creating business websites, working with Amazon products, internet marketing, and real estate investing.

They all make life interesting. Vincent T Iannaco lives in New York City and has a significant other and 3 sons, all successful in their careers.